nathan buchanan

What was the change?

Martin luther didn't like what was going on in the church. People were bribing the pope to forgive thier sins.Even after being forgived they still did bad things. Priests broke vows by marrying and drinking/gambling.The Pope was corrupt.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Martin Luther was one person associated with the change. He wanted to stop what was going on in the church.Martin Luther wrote a 95 theses on what was wrong with the church.They had been copied and became known all over Germany. Martin believed that you need faith in Gods forgiveness.

A few people associated with this was the Pope(churh) and priests. they spent money on personal pleasure. they were pursuing worldly affairs. They broke vows by getting married and drinking/gambling.Priest gave indugences to other people. Making it ok for people to do bad things without really changing.


How did the change impact society at the the time?

When word spread around what was going on at the church, the Pope excommunicated Martin Luther. Martin Luthers books were burned to. The Pope tryed to convince the citizines that everything Martin Luther said is not true. The king was on the Pope side on this one. Martin Luther would later on find people thatb will later on believe him.

How is that change seen in today's society?

Priests dont give indulgences for money.Martin Luther is now seen as doing the right thing. The Pope has not broke his vows. Churches don't use money for thier personal pleasure. Everything is they it should have been when Martin wanted change.