The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.


On the day of January 15 1929 a brave man was born. His name is Martin Luther King jr. He grew up to be an American babtist minister and is best known for his role in the civil rights. March 1963 was the date of the bravest man ever lived. Martin delivered his famous speech, " I have a dream ". On October 1964 King got the Nobel prize for breaking racial non violence involved.

Yet on April 4 1968 King was in Memphis Tennessee where he was assassinated. His death was followed by riots in many us cities. Martin was named as a holiday in a lot of cities and states beginning in 1971. He Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the national mall in Washington, D.C. Was dedicated in 2011.


My topic Martin Luther King Jr. changed society by using his bravery, speaking to the fearious crowd, and breaking racism. If it wasn't for him then there would still be whites using the same fountain or whites playing in the NBA. He was so important because there is less drama and everybody is treated the same.

5 fun facts

1. Martin's real name used to be Michael

2. He almost commited suicide, jumping off a 2 story house because his grandma died.

3. He skipped 9th and 11th grade to enter collage

4. He wasn't the only one who died at the building that day

5. He died while going out for a smoke