Hinduism and Buddhism

Lets explore the world and its religions together!


Buddhism and Hinduism are world religions that originated in ancient India. Both have gained in popularity not only in India, over the centuries. They have many differences and similarity's and are both very fascinating.


The Hinduism religion is polytheistic ( has more than one god) and has three major gods. Hinduism was excepted because it brought hope and salvation. Hinduism brought along the caste system which is organised as to where the highest cast, the Brahmans are the priest, scholars, teachers .The next down are the Kshatriyas which include the rulers, government officials, warriors. the third cast down from the top are the Visayas the people in that caste section are merchants, traders, and farmers the lowest caste are the peasants and laborers. There is actually another caste that is lower but they were not actually considered human they are even lower than the peasants this caste is called the UNTOUCHABLES!! If you preform bad karma as an untouchable you become a filthy insect that nobody likes then you have no other chance to reunite your atman with Brahmin.


Buddhism was founded by a man named Siddhartha Gourama he was like a wealthy prince. Siddhartha thought there was more to life then the caste system and he wondered what causes human suffering . so he went on a journey to find an answer to this question . After many days of traveling he went to meditate under a tree for days and found three reasons 1 we all want what we like but do not have, 2 we want to keep what we like and have, 3 we dislike what we have but do not want it. Buddhism does not have a god but had a founder Siddhartha Gourama or also known as Buddha - the enlightened one. Buddhism follows the eight fold path to nirvana/ perfect peace and also believes in reincarnation.

Alike and Different

Hinduism and Buddhism have many similarities and differences. For example they both believe in reincarnation. They both do not sacrifice animals. Hinduism supports the caste system and dharma- except your position on life and caste position. Although Buddhism does not agree with the caste system. Hinduism does untouchables and Buddhism does not have untouchables because they believe in nirvana or perfect peace and not the caste system.Buddhism does not have a god but only the eight fold pathway and in contrast Hinduism has three major gods.


Even though Hinduism and Buddhism have ancient ties, both remain popular today. There are approximately 1.3 billion people today who are Buddhist and Hindu. At this point it looks like the Buddhist and Hindu religions are going to be around for a while!
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Buddha is also a good luck symbol !