Amber Brincks

About the Artist

Amber was born on August 10, 1998. She has two brothers, Nathan and Chris. Her parents are Lyle and Laura Brincks. She has three house cats and their names are Mittens, Scrapper, and Starlite. The sports she plays include volleyball and basketball. Last year she ran track but she won’t this year because she decided that she didn’t like running. Next year, instead of doing basketball, she plans on being a wrestling cheerleader and cheer for her brother. Amber loves music, especially pop, and can’t go a day without it. When she grows up, she wants to go to vet school. She’d like to marry the guy who steals her heart and have a boy, Zay, and a girl. She prefers the boy to come first so he can protect his sister, like her brothers did for her.


Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Pitch Perfect, 21st Jump Street
One Direction, Timeflies
The Hunger Games, 1D Fanfics
Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Pizza, Cake
Lime Green, Turquoise, Bright Orange
Cats, Horses, Kangaroos