All About Africa

The world of changing cultures

Geography, different climate zones:

Mediterranean: Important goods are cloth, spices, and weapons. Sahel: Is the "shore" of desert on both sides. Desert: Produced highly valued rock salt, which is vital for human health.Savanna: Are grasslands they provided gold, cattle, and donkeys.Forest: Provided Gold and Kola nuts. There was also a very important river called the Niger river.               (a young boy of the Datoga tribe. N.d. Photograph. allposters.comWeb. 12 Apr 2013.)

Rock salt and its importance:

For over 500 years Africa was the main source for gold, but did you know that rock salt was traded for equal the price of gold? Well, its true! The reason why is because in the desert you would sweat out alot of vital nutrients, like salt, so they put some of the rock salt in there mouths and thay could survive better in some hotter places.

African Pictures

Spread of Religion

Trade was often intertwined with Islam. As a result, Islam spread throughout Africa. Traders that were also Islamic were called Berbers. Being Muslim can make trade easier because almost everyone is Islamic.                                                                                          morrocco berber women.jpg. N.d. Photograph. 19 Apr 2013.


In almost every climate zone there is a different way you have to travel. In the desert they would use camels to go from place to place. In the savannah you would travel by donkey. While in the rain forest you would use rivers or human porters. Merchants not only traded goods , but often ideas. A capital and important trading center was called Timbuktu. Then in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries they began internationial trading and that was the beggining of the slave trade.