(02/12) Daily Writing Agenda

February 12, 2016

Activity #1: FINISH Paragraph of the Week!

Review my feedback and finalize PotW Days 1-4.

Activity #2: Post your Day 4 PotW in Seesaw for parents to see.

1. Look at the example of my finished Paragraph of the Week in Seesaw.

2. Format your Post just like mine.

3. Create a new "note."

4. Copy/Paste or type your work.

5. Audio record yourself reading your paragraph.

Paragraph of the Week, Day 4

Remember, your username and password are the same as your Katy ISD login.

Activity #3: Independent Writing Time

You will respond to the following prompt in Seesaw and save it to your "Writing" Folder:


Describe someone (real) who is a hero to you and specifically explain all of the reasons why.

If you finish, you may continue to write. These off-topic posts will be saved to your "My Folder."