Five People You Meet In Heaven

Mitch Abloom

Charterer analysis

Eddie was a man That was not like other people he would never speak to people often and he had lots of positive and negative things in his mind. Eddie was a veteran in war so he had a sad part to his life when teenagers tired to mimic or taunt him he didn't really do anything that most people would have done. He was a man that shared no secretes about his life. Eddie also has a wife that he loved a lot and she was really the only person he talked to in an outgoing voice. Eddie was a very respectful man at all times and loved his job. He also had the bravery of no other person to jump in front of a ride that was falling. he was a man of his own.


This story takes place in many place but it begins in at ruby pear, it then transfers to heaven. The setting changes every time he meets a new person. Eddie died in the amusement park and he has worked there for decades he not a new person at all.


This story has a theme of what obstacles you go through in life and how hard of a ride it is as well. it shows that you should always be aware of your surroundings during all times. I recommend this book to kids that are 14 and up because i think this is the start of life. this book takes you on journeys that you will only see in a certain place. this book also shows the true meaning of bravery in a specific way.I would also recommend this book to people that are in the process of not living it may seem weird but it might help them get through it.

Praise or pan

I praise this book because its not like other book that starts from the begging this book starts from the end its inserting because you can get more clues towards the middle and climax of the book it also helps you understand it more as well. it also shows some the picturing of heaven in your mind that's not an imagination at all.This surprised me when it got more than millions of sells but all though most of them were from teenage kids.