By: Dylan Snyder

Chapter 1: Equipment

Section 1: Helmets.

What is stuff that you need to wear in football? Equipment! First lets start off with helmets. So you have to wear them on your head, and they protect your head. But you need your helmet to stay on. by that you need a chinstrap. The chinstrap connects on to your helmet because you don't want your helmet to fall off, right?

section 2: shoulder pads

What do you need to wear on your shoulders in football? Shoulder pads! So you wear them on your shoulders, they keep you from getting injured, and they protect your shoulders. Make sure that the metal things are ON THE BACK. (of the pads)

Section 3: Pants With Pads

You can't go to football with pants or shorts, right? Well you come to the right place because you need pants with pads. The pads are in your pants, and they protect your tibia's, fibula's, your knee's, your femurs, and your bottom.

Section 4: cleats

Why would you wear shoes to football? You need something else, something else that makes you run faster! With that explanation you need cleats. you know Everybody needs to wear cleats in football, right? The one thing I don't like about cleats is you have to tie them.

Chapter 2: practicing

Section 1: Circling Up

You defenitly have to practice before you move on to the game. Am I correct? First let's start off this chapter with circling up. So when you even get to practice you can play. (for about 10 mins) But then you have to work after playing. So your coach will call out:"OK, LETS CIRCLE UP!" So basically you usually start off with doing fifteen jumping jacks, then ten seconds for touching your toes three times. Then you stand on one foot and pull the other one to your butt for ten seconds, then switch legs for ten seconds. Then it repeats once. Then last but not least, arm circles! (ten times) forward then backwards (ten times) then it repeats. (once)

Section 2: line to line

After you circle up your coach will say: "OK, GO TO THE LINE! So you go to the last line. So you do high knees, butt kickers, and sprints. Throughout the year of football, he will say: "ON 2 ON 2!" That means the first time he says HUT! Stay on the ground, the second time he says HUT! You go. If you go on the first hut, that's called offsides. When you go offsides, you have to do 5 (or 10) push-ups.

Section 3: head to head

You have to practice head to head. Oh come on! TRY IT!! It'll help you. So basically you go 1 on 1 with someone. Both of you will lay on the ground, facing the air. Your coach will throw the football to either one of you. If you get the ball, get up as fast as you can and sprint! If you don't get it, then get up and tackle your opponent.

Section 4: 3 on 3

Now let's get serious and talk about 3 on 3. So on defense there's two tacklers in front, and one tackler in the back. On offense there's two blockers in front and the runner with the football in back

Chapter 3: Positions

You need to learn your positions. For the next chapter I won't explain all the positions. So there's a center, guards, tackles, a tied end, a flanker, a quarterback, and many others. For the next chapter I'll only explain my favorite. (Which is flanker)

Chapter 4: How to play positions

Now I'll talk about how to play positions. So I'm only talking about flanker. So the flanker would be 1 yard behind and beside the tackle, and if you hear: strong right, your on the left. So your plays are: strong right, 48, strong left 47, or strong right or left, flanker reverse. So what you do for your plays is when the quarterback says HUT! You turn around and go where the quarterback is, get the ball, and sprint.

How to win games

So how to win games is on offense when your at your position just do what you did in practice as best as you can, and same with your defense position. That's all! I hope you like it when you play!