Come And Live At The Great Plains

Cooper E Shellenberger

The Great Plains

The great plains is a major land form and is located in North Dakota, SouthDakota,Kansas And Nebraska. the bodies of water here are,Yellowstone river,south plat river, Arkansas river, Missouri river and Mississippi river.

Weather And Population

In the winter the plains can get could and very snowy. Spring often has tornados but is sunny and warm. The summer is vary hot and sunny and in fall tornados happen often. The population of Kansas is about 2,654,052. Nebraska's population is about 1,666,028.South Dakota has a population of 733,133 and in North Dakota has a population of 633,666.
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Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave is the 3rd longest cave in the World and reaches up to about 171 miles. Jewel cave is located in south Dakota and is also a famous for its color and length. If you come and visit the great plains you could learn and see some of its natural wonders.
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Touring Jewel Cave National Monument

Dodge City

Dodge city is a city located in the country seat of Kansas and attracts 27,340 tourists a year. If you lived here you could make a lot of money farming but tornadoes often happen around this area during the summer and fall. Dodge city is a well known city also known as Cowboy capital.

Great Plains economy

The Great plains has many products and they are hogs , sheep , crops , corn , and wheat.