Zines Style!

Poetry Out Loud

Own It, Read It, Slam It

In our own unique fashion, we will be engaging in POL performances beginning the last Thursday before December Holiday.

Zines POL

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 8-11:30am

1300 Campus Pkwy

Saline, MI

Your flier, using www.smore.com, is due printed by the end of class on Wednesday and electronically to Google Classroom by Thursday morning.


Friday, Dec. 12-----Poem Selections and Sign-ups. "Own the Poem" Assignment.

Monday, Dec. 15-----Collect Assignment. Using www.smore.com.

Tuesday-Wednesday--Poetry Work and Preparation. Flier due printed by end of Wednesday.

Thursday, Dec. 18-----Flier due electronically. Let the performances begin!

Billy Collins: Everyday moments, caught in time