Free India From Imperialism!

By : Dasinda & Marsha

Whats the Problem?

India was being colonized by the british in 1858. On october 16, 1905, Bengal was divided into Hindu and Muslim areas by the british. The british had hoped that this would increase tension between the two and one of them would eventually join them. At this time, Lord Curzon was the governor general. Protest meetings began to increase after this date.

Methods Of Control

In 1858, India was colonized by the British. They were forced to produce cash crops to then be sold by the British. In this situation the British are in fact, the mother colony.
India was forced to accept British goods that destroyed their cottage industries, just so that the could afford to pay the extremely high taxes imposed upon them.
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Ghandi led a campaign of civil disobedience against the british at this time. They wanted to take back control of their India and did not want to succumb to be split into areas base on their religion, or the one that was given to them.On August 15, 1947 , India gained independence from British rule after Ghandi issues a call to ‘’Quit India”.