It's Time to Show My Appreciation!

I Just Simply Want to Say Thanks!

From the Moment We Met

This year has been one of the most challenging years of my teaching career. New school, new way of doing things, moments of breakdown, and so many DUE DATES! Then there you a thief in the night to offer the support I needed from the very beginning.

Then I found out...

Yes, you were that person I went to for professional help initially, but the more I came to you, more more value I saw within you. You weren't only good for professional help; you were good for advice in any area of my life. All of a sudden, we just CLICKED! It seemed so right. I had discovered one of very few people here who were trustworthy and dependable.
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You aren't going anywhere!

Once I figured out how beneficial you were to my life, I knew I always wanted you around. It was then that I would hope you didn't get tired of seeing me in your office. Whether I needed advice on assignments, brilliant ways to get my students engaged, or simply needing a listening ear, I knew that I wanted you to stay around and continue to be the positive person that you are to brighten my days. You were/are here to stay! :-)
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You've Changed My Life

This year has made me realize that it doesn't take much for a person to realize when something valuable has entered their life. I've learned so much from one person in less than a year, than I've learned from my previous employer in 4 years. One person can truly make a world of a change in someone's life and you have been that person for me. I definitely appreciate every small to huge thing that that you've contributed to making this year a heck of a lot less stressful. Oh yes, it's still been stressful, but because of you, I've gotten through it will only 2 grey hairs compared to an entire head full :-) Thanks Jamarla! You rock
Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend with lyrics