Life and Family Services December 2018

A pregnancy and parenting resource center is a place that someone can share openly, receive love unconditionally, hope for a better tomorrow and receive compassion from a friend….

Life and Family Services is your community services organization that does all that while promoting life, strengthening families, offering hope through God’s love, and so much more. We open our hearts and provide a listening ear to pregnant moms and their families who may be experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

So… how can YOU join Life and Family Services to provide love, hope, and compassion to the women, men, and children we are helping in Noble County? Let’s try putting the answers to the familiar Christmas Carol…. start humming the tune in your head….

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As you can tell from our version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Life and Family Services and our community partners have had a busy year! Of course, there is more we could talk about as we continue to serve our community, such as:

  • East Noble Peers has prepared and presented 12 different presentations for 20 middle school classes that include over 325 students. Topics covered many of the risky situations they will likely experience while attending high school and moving into young adulthood. They include: Drug and Alcohol Use, Social Media and Entertainment, Self-Esteem and Future Goals, Teen Pregnancy, and STDs.
  • Mom’s Gathering was the start of a new collaboration with Parkview Noble’s Birthing Center. We meet once a month around the county to offset transportation issues and offer this to more moms. Each month includes a talking point, a craft or fun time for the children attending, and a snack. We are building community and working to decrease infant mortality county wide.
  • Our Dad2Dad Program has taken a different spin. We now are offering one to one mentorship for dads. These dads are also participating in classes with the mother too.
  • Blessings of a remodeled intake area in our Kendallville office has occurred in December.

We are making progress, but we still have pieces of the pregnancy and parenting puzzle to put together with many people across Noble County.

We want everyone to have an abundant life and to do this we will continue to inform and educate on pregnancy and parenting. We want to see marriages strengthened and lives transformed.

You too can join us in creating an abundant life for the families we are helping. You could donate financially or with material items.

Remember…together we can create a better community for generations to come!

We wish you and your family a most wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

God Bless YOU all !!

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