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Where did January go?

I thought for sure I'd get at least one Smore out before the second week of January, and yet here I am finally writing one for mid January!

Luckily, I've been working with multiple departments working on curriculum!

Building Perseverance & Grit in Kids

This article on Edutopia provides you with an array of resources about building grit. I even found some ways I could incorporate this in my own home!

What is Learning?

I know some kids think that we learn and it is easy! It's really not easy, is it!?! I know I tell my daughter all the time, everything is hard before it's easy! Thought you might like these two pictures that could help them realize that learning is not a straight line!
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Big image


Loved this picture about engagement, too! I think all the work you are doing with Kagan is helping us to achieve true engagement for kids!
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Thought these were interesting!

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