Danielle's Challenging Us!

August 14, 2017

Dearest 1st Impressions,

If you know me, you know I push the needle big time when I'm faced with a goal I'd like to achieve (Hello GLAM 9 times!). Danielle is challenging all of us on this team (and all other Star Director+ teams) to build our style session pipeline which will help us reach our goals.

If we achieve a BIG 30% increase, she'll gift us with an


This is BIG STUFF!

Nothing like getting up close and personal with Miss D from the comfort of your home!

So let's do this! What do you say?!

Are you ready to fuel up your paychecks this fall and build big momentum?

How about earning Consistency Bonuses to enjoy new Style Drops?

Or how about getting a pay raise with extra commissions?

All the new people we meet at our upcoming style sessions will also get us closer to PROMOTIONAL CASH BONUSES! ALL A WIN-WIN!

So how are we going to do it? From TODAY through 8/25 let's each go for:

Big image

You could choose:

1 call every day ~ 2 Convos each day Monday through Friday thereby doubling down for 20 ~ 1 hour of 10+ calls. The method is yours as are the rewards when you get to the YESES.

The extra challenge is to get yourself to the conversation whether via phone, im, texting, or emailing. Some back and forth conversation is KEY here vs. just simply reaching out once and never following up (I'm super guilty of this and need to change my ways so am starting now).

Who to reach out to? A few ideas...




Friends from different towns whom you rarely get to see

College friends


Book Club members

Those you work out with

Moms of kids in your child's new class as a fun meet up

Friends of friends

Customers from past trunk shows (go back as far as you need--so many amazing reasons to reach out with our new line)

Past vendor fair contacts including raffle winners

Past hostesses

People who've LIKED your Facebook or Instagram posts

Contacts who have wishlists or store credit in your lounge

Print and Use this Tracker to hold yourself accountable:

Big image

Our Numbers:

Currently we're at:

140 for August Shows

91 for September

I'll continue to update our team page with progress :)

Make it fun, make it simple, and enjoy your summer along the way! Efforts in now, bring positive results later :)



Founding Executive Director