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February 12, 2016

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Wrestling Warriors Advance to Semi-State

Congratulations to Logan Barger, who placed first in the 220 lb. weight class at the IHSAA wrestling regionals, which were held at Jeffersonville H.S. on February 6th. Logan advanced on to Semi-State on Saturday, February 13th at Evansville Reitz Memorial

Congratulations Logan for advancing to Semi-State!

Student Council Can Drive

It's that time of year again! Yes, starting next week, the Student Council will be holding our annual can drive. This will run from Monday, February 15th through Friday, February 19th. Once again Mrs. Tammy Davis and Mr. Jason Bagwell will reprise their roles as leaders of the Glorious Underdogs and the Evil Empire, respectively. All cans collected will benefit the Scott County Clearinghouse. This competition will be based on your SECOND period class. In addition, each day students will have the ability to earn "double points" for bringing in cans with certain color foods in them. The following is the schedule for the double cans:

Monday: Red foods are double

Tuesday: Yellow foods are double

Wednesday: Green foods are double

Thursday: Orange foods are double

Friday: All cans are double

At the end of the week, the team with the most points will win, and the leader of the opposing team will be forced to complete a punishment determined by the winning leader. In addition, the classroom that has the highest average number of cans per student will win donuts for their classroom.

January-Academic & Athletic Student of the Month

Two SHS students receive full-tuition college scholarships

As senior Dakota Binkley and his brother, sophomore Wyatt Binkley, climbed up a 55-foot utility pole during the annual Indiana Municipal Electric Association Lineworkers Rodeo, they saw the sunrise on Scottsburg’s horizon.

“I am afraid of heights,” Dakota Binkley said. “It’s kind of breathtaking.”

While the Scottsburg High School students were admiring the view, the crowd below, consisting of lineworkers from all across the United States, were taking notice of the next generation. The brothers caught the eye of a vice-president of a vocational technical college in Idaho. The college specializes in training and preparing future lineworkers for the field after students finish high school.

“The vice-president of the college called us and thought it was cool how we were interested in it,” Wyatt Binkley said.

The Binkley brothers were each offered a full-tuition scholarship to the lineworkers’ college.

“I was pretty excited,” said Dakota Binkley, who will start at the vocational technical college in August. “It was pretty amazing to me.”

The interest in becoming lineworkers and climbing tens of feet up utility poles stems from their father, who is the electric superintendent for the City of Scottsburg. For the last five years, the boys have been working with their father in their backyard, practicing climbing skills, learning techniques and procedures that are part of the trade.

“It’s outdoors. It’s not in an office,” said Wyatt Binkley, who started climbing when he was 12 years old. “You get to help people.”

“I started climbing with my dad. It kind of opened my eyes to it. I saw him climbing, and ever since I’ve tried it, I’ve just enjoyed it,” Dakota Binkley said.

After high school graduation, Dakota Binkley said he will start the lineworkers’ college in August. The program takes about four months to complete, so he will graduate in December 2016. From his technical education in Idaho, he will become an apprentice, which takes about four years to complete before becoming a journeyman. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a lineworker in 2014 was $61,740 per year and $29.68 per hour.

“I’d kind of like to work in Scottsburg,” Dakota Binkley said about his future.

Following in their father’s footsteps and putting in the hours of practice has paid off for Dakota and Wyatt Binkley. At Scott County School District 2, the Binkley brothers’ story is our story. Your story matters. You matter.

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College Goal Sunday 2016

College Goal Sunday 2016 in Indiana is now less than one month away! This wonderful free event to help students and families fill out and file the FAFSA is now in its’ 27th year. College Goal Sunday began right here in Indiana, and the concept has spread across the nation.

Your colleagues from the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association (ISFAA) want to make sure you have the direct link to all the best information about College Goal Sunday today, and right up to and after the event. The web pages below contain information to help you see details about all aspects of the 2016 event, volunteer, download information for media promotion, and “like” and “follow” (and post) daily social media updates about the big day.

College Goal Sunday 2016 in Indiana is February 21st at 2 pm (local time) at 42 sites. It’s NOT too late to volunteer. Please visit the sites below, connect up with other counselors helping the CGS effort and your ISFAA friends on the Facebook and Twitter event pages. Together we will ALL, once again, help future Hoosier graduates achieve their college goals. Thank you!

College Goal Sunday:

Indiana CGS Facebook page:

Indiana CGS Twitter page:

One note! Promotional materials will be mailed out to Indiana High Schools NO later than this Friday. If you have not received your materials by Wednesday February 3rd, or have any other question about CGS, PLEASE let Bill Wozniak know at