CEMS Parent Counselor Connection

October 2021

Our goal is to keep parents informed about activities in the counseling department and provide valuable information on social and emotional development.

October School Counselor Data Report

Click Here for the October School Counselor Data Report.

Career Surveys with Students

During the month of October students in 7th and 8th grade completed a career survey to help determine their career interests. These results will be used to organize career field trips around careers with the highest numbers. Our first field trip is scheduled for November 23rd to UC IT Department for students with interest in information technology and computers.

New Student Breakfast

On October 6th Mrs. Kemper and Mrs. Russell, along with our Youth Service Center Coordinator Mrs. Couch, hosted a breakfast for students new to Camp Ernst Middle School. We provided donuts and juice and gave them all string bags. We played a few "getting to know you" games as well.
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In the Know About Social Media/Apps/Videos

We are starting to hear about the show on Netflix called Squid Games from students. Click on the link below from the non-profit website Common Sense Media to get the information on the mature content contained in this show.

Squid Game - Common Sense Media

Classroom Guidance and Group Sessions

Mrs. Kemper and Mrs. Russell have begun conducting groups. Mrs. Kemper is leading a group teaching students how to regulate their emotions and strategies to be able to do it. Mrs. Russell is leading a group on anxiety and how to manage it and a social skills group. These groups take place during Core Connection once each week.

Classroom Guidance lessons this month will focus on Social Media in 6th and 7th grades and the Enneagram Personality Tests to discover how their personalities influence their relationships and career choices and how to recognize the positive and negative traits of each type.

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