Architectural Styles

Cale Adsett & Robert Bugner

Neoclassical- the revival of a classical style or treatment in art, literature, architecture or music

-Very popular in Europe

-2 waves of neoclassical

-Began in the mid 18th century

-Emphasizes the wall rather than Chiaroscuro

-Historic house styles (Greek Revival, Federalist, Antebellum Architecture, Beaux Arts Architecture

-Became a dominant style for domestic buildings nationwide between 1900's and 1940's

-First gained influence in England and France

-Characterized by Greek and Roman influenced styles


-Popular in America

-Has their own interior style

-Expensive to build

-Require large foundations

Bungalow- A low house, with a broad front porch, having either no upper floor or upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows.

-Built with brick walls

-more expensive to construct than 2 story houses

-lower to the ground then most housing

-Usually small buildings

-Either 1 story or either has a second story built into the sloped roof

-Originated in India

-no stairs between living areas

-Do not share the same foundation of other buildings