Hampton News

May 2016

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

I can't believe we are nearing the end of 4th grade. It has been such a privilage working with your child. I have seen so much growth academically and socially this year. I really enjoy coming to work each day. This class is smart, sweet, inquisitive, and energetic. Only 18 more school days and your child will officially be a 5th grader!

Inquiry Fun

What's Going On...

Math: We have been learning how to measure and convert measurements using metric and customary units. We will also work on algebra and patterns the rest of the year.

Reading/Writing: We are working on our Indiana project. Students chose a famous Indiana hoosier, place, or event. They are researching, taking notes, organizing notes, creating a product, and presenting it.

Science: We have been working on force and motion. We will continue more inquiry projects and talk about magnets.

Indiana Research Project


Choose an important person, place, or event from Indiana’s past, present or future. Research the history and its impact on Indiana.

There are several parts to this assignment, below is the scoring rubric:

Research Notes (25 points): Read several sources of information. Take notes on the important facts and information relating to your chosen topic.

Total: /25

Organization of Information (25 points): Organize your research by using bullet points to take notes. Create subtopics for your notes and highlight your notes according to your subtopics.

Total: /25

Informational Text (50 points): Using your research notes and organization, write a report on your topic. Your report should include 5-7 paragraphs and each paragraph should include AT LEAST 5 sentences. Organize your report with a text structure that makes sense.

Total: /50

Text Features (10 points): Include at least 3 different text features in your writing/project (timelines, maps, captions, pictures, text boxes, etc.)

Total: /10

Point of View/Literary Essay/Song/Poem (20 points): Include a narrative piece written from the point of view of someone or something related to your topic. For example, if you are writing about the first Hoosiers who lived in Indiana, you could write a journal entry from the point of view of a Native American who has interacted with the Europeans for the first time.

Total: /20

Bibliography (15 points): Attach a bibliography to your written report. Cite at least 3 different sources. You must use at least 1 book source.

Total: /15

Creative Product 25 points): Create a presentation and/or project that can be used to share and teach what you have learned with others. Possible projects may include (but are not limited to): flip books, poster, All About Book, video/movie trailer, game, etc.

Total: /25

Project Total: /170