Military Weapons Of WW1

Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, France


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The 17cm mittlerer Minenwerfer was a portable mortar (or "mine projector") used by the Imperial German Army during World War One.


The Type 38 rifle Arisaka is a bolt action rifle. For a time it was the standard rifle of the Japanese infantry.An earlier, similar weapon was the Type 30 which was also used alongside it. Both of these weapons were also known as the Arisaka, after the inventor.


The Browning M1917 machine gun became one of those rare weapons in American military history that went on to fight in most of all the major conflicts of the 20th century


The Carcano Modello 1891 (Model 1891) was the standard Italian Army service rifle of both World Wars. The design emerged from an army colonel .


Design of the M1909 was brought about by a new French requirement looking to provide ground elements with a "light" automatic weapon.
Weapons Technology of World War I