Book Review By Imogen Lowe

Girl Underground By Morris Gleiztman

What its about

I have many favourite books but this book I am about to tell you about is amazing, fabulous and a book that you just want to know more and more about ! This book is called 'Girl Underground' written by Morris Gleitzman.

About the Book

Girl Underground is an amazing, mysteroius and it is a book that you would never want to put down.This book is about a young girl named Brigit White who teams up with her friend Menzies and goes on a fabulous adventure, to get an innocent family out of a detention centre.Will they save their friends Jamal and Bibi or will they end up behind bars too ??

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I recommend this book for who likes adventures and everyone from the age of 9 to about 13. I loved this book a lot and it was very hard to put down so everyone should read this book because its great and if you read it aswell you will agree with me too. Also if you really like this book you should also read the book about how they got in that situation Boy Overboard.