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Winter 2015

The PARCC Test: A Q&A for Parents


Many of you have heard teachers and students discussing our new statewide assessment, PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). As with any new program, we understand that you and your child may have anxiety or concerns. We, here at Lonoke Middle School, we you to know that we are here to work alongside you and your child throughout this new process. So, here is a little bit of information that might help answer some of your questions.

After being field-tested in 7th grade Mathematics and Algebra I last year, the new online PARCC test will be rolled out to students across Arkansas this spring. The PARCC test is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and features interactive questions to assess critical thinking skills. To ensure that you have the information you need to prepare your child for the test, we have compiled the following lists of frequently asked questions.

??? WHAT SUBJECTS DOES PARCC COVER? PARCC tests will assess English Language Arts and Math.

??? DOES PARCC REPLACE BENCHMARK TESTS? The PARCC assessment will replace the prior statewide assessment, the Augmented Benchmark exam. PARCC was developed in response to the longstanding concerns of educators, parents and employers who want assessments that better measure students' critical thinking and problem solving skills and their ability to communicate clearly. PLEASE NOTE: 7th Grade Students will continue to take the Benchmark exam this year for SCIENCE ONLY.


Winter Break

LPSD will observe Winter Break from December 22, 2014 to January 2, 2015. School will resume on Monday, January 5. Have a safe and fun holiday!

LMS Parent Literacy Night

Thursday, Jan. 15th, 6-7:30pm

Lonoke Middle School

Coffee & Chats with the Counselor

Friday, Jan. 16th, 8am

LMS Media Center

This event is designed to provide a casual environment for parents and the school counselor to get together and engage in discussions related to what our students are going through. The topic for this chat is "Why Do They Act That Way?". Does your middle school child sometimes drive you crazy? Come learn why. We will discuss the brain development of an adolescent child. We will look at their cognitive and social development, discuss parenting styles and learn how to provide structure and support while your child's brain develops.

Keep Your Holidays Stress Free!

Families want their holidays to be happy for everyone, but this season can sometimes be a time of chaos and stress for kids and parents. It is important to remember that both children and parents need time to relax. Here are some ways to reduce stress during the holidays:

1. Remember routines. When a routine is broken, stress can result.

2. Say "No". You don't have to accept every invitation to parties and events. Prioritize and reduce.

3. Nutrition. Have you ever noticed the lines at fast food restaurants during the holiday season? The lines are longer because people are too busy to cook and eat at home. Take the time to talk and enjoy time with your family over a table of nutritious food.

4. Rest and relaxation. Everyone needs to take a "time out" to rest and relax. Be sure to schedule this into your holiday schedule.

5. Laugh. Lighten the mood with funny movies or fun activities for the entire family.

Parent Involvement Matters

If you would like more information on how to become involved in your child's school, please contact Grant Meacham, our LMS Parental Involvement Coordinator, @ grant.meacham@lonokeschools.org OR email any of your child's teachers. Being a parent that is involved matters!
Parent Involvement Matters!