Washington D.C

For Five Days!

Day 1 and day 2

One day 1 we drove to Washington D.C which was not so fun because I was so tired . We went to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. It was cool because we saw a big canon thing that my gram pa stood on when he was in the war. He has a picture of him on it. We went to them Pentagon. It was nice seeing the people who died during a war and seeing how they had died. We went to the U.S Air Force Memorial. It was awesome being there because it was tall and the quotes were very good even though I did not understand all of them. On day two we went to the U.S Capital. It was so huge. It was amazing being in the capital building of the whole USA. We went to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It was cool seeing all of these air planes and finding this monkey that went up in to space. We went to the Newseum. That was cool because we learned that a bird use to help transmit news. We went to the National Archives. That was one of the best places that we went to because we got to see the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of rights. We went to the Lincoln Memorial which was one of the best Memorials because the stone was so cool and the statue was huge.

Washington D.C

Sunday, May 1st, 6pm

Washington, D.C., DC, United States

Washington, DC

This is what we had to do eveyday

Day 3, 4, and 5

On day 3 we went to the Supreme Court buildings. Which were cool because that is where they have court. We went to the Embassy of Denmark which was my favorite thing because we learned about Denmark like there food, government, sports, biking and a whole lot more. It was so awesome that it made e want to move to Denmark. We went to Fords Theatre which was another favorite thing because we heard the story of how Lincoln died. We went to the World War ll Memorial which was great because it was the biggest memorial that we went two and there was so much to it. On day 4 we went to the Washington National Cathedral. I learned so much about how they built it and what they use it for. We went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural and American History. That was awesome because we learned about Americas history and about the natural history. We went to the Arlington National Cemetery which was great because we got to see all of the graves of the people who went in the war. We also saw the grave of the unknown solider which was the best part of the whole thing because how they guarded it was amazing. We went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which was awesome because his quotes were amazing and the statue was so tall and big. We went to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which was my favorite memorial because he is my favorite president and going to his memorial was awesome. What we did on day 5 five which was my other favorite was going to Mount Vernon because we say Gorge Washington's farms and where his slaves slept and where they worked also seeing his house. His house was so huge. Then we drove back which was fun because we played truth or dare and t was so exiting to be back home.