Missouri Music Notes

Fall 2017

President's Message

I hope you've had a great summer. I'm excited thinking about this upcoming year. Most important, MFMC turns 100 years old in 2018. We are making plans now - and you should too! Our National President, Michael Edwards will be here and our headliner is Mark Hayes! Definitely a convention you won't want to miss! Stay tuned for more details in upcoming newsletters.

Remember club dues should be sent to Duane Langley by November 1st. A late fee applies after November 15th. Forms available on www.MissouriFMC.org


2017 MFMC Awards

Church Musician of the Year
Lorraine Peery Long

Most Musical Family
Joseph & Melinda Bowman family



Liability Insurance

For all clubs and Festivals,

Now is the time to order NFMC Liability Insurance for events between January 1 and August 31, 2018 The deadline for these requests is November 15, so I need your information pretty soon. The procedure is the same this year so I am sending you three attached documents that are used for ordering.

Please use the Liability Request form. it is a fillable PDF. This document can be returned to me either as an e-mail attachment or as a printed copy. The price information is included on the page.

The second required document is the NFMC Child Protection Policy. It is also a fillable PDF. I do need a signature on this form, so it needs to be printed and sent with payment to me or scanned and attached to an e-mail. If you have sent me this form since August 2017, I do not need another copy.

The third document is the PDF version of Preventing Child Sexual Abuse which is reference material for the NFMC Child Protection Policy and is the same booklet sent with last year's insurance requests.

Please get your requests back to me as soon as possible.

Duane Langley, Missouri Insurance Chairman

MFMC Centennial Convention

May 18-19, 2018

Kansas City, MO

Put on your calendar now!

Junior Division News

Junior Dues forms have been sent via email attachment to all Senior Club presidents and Festival Chairs, with the request that they distribute them to all the proper members and treasurers that need them. The form is also on the state website: The deadline for all Junior Dues to reach our state treasurer, Duane Langley is November 1, 2017.

Festival State Certificates have been ordered for Missouri. After they arrive, I will notify each Festival Chair so that I can make a plan for the delivery to your particular festival. A wonderful goal will be to distribute as many as possible in ways that will NOT incur shipping costs.

Theory tests have also been ordered for our state. The National office reports that they will be sent electronically to the state chairman by early February. At that point, they will be sent onward to each Festival Chair in Missouri.

Take note of 2 new chairs for Junior events this year:

New State Gold Cup Chair: Yukiyo Lake – dyanpiano1@gmail.com

New State Competition Chair: David Anschutz – anschutzdh@gmail.com

State Competition Date and Location: Saturday, May 19 – 1:30 PM – Kansas City

Updates from the NFMC Biennial Convention

From Bylaws Committee: The verbiage "Chairman and Chairmen" will no longer be used in publications or for job titles. Instead, the verbiage "Chair and Chairs" will be used.

· From Festivals Committee: There is a new deadline of June 1st for all JR 3-16 Applications for 12 + Year Consecutive Superior Certificates to be sent to the National Festivals Chair.

· New Standing Rule: "All Area Festivals must use the official NFMC Rating Sheet for Federation Festivals (JR 3-9). Ratings other than those titled "Superior, Excellent, Satisfactory, Fair, Needs Improvement" will no longer be recognized by NFMC for Consecutive Superior National Certificates or Federation Festivals Cup point accrual and will be non-transferable between states (K-2).

· New NFMC Festival Summary reporting deadlines: The deadlines found in the Area Federation Festivals Summary Report (JR 3-3) and the Junior Division Federation Festivals Procedures Manual (JR 3-18) have been adjusted to the following: The Area Chair Report to the State Chair is due by May 20th and the State Chair Report to the Regional Chair is due by May 31st. Please note: State Boards may establish an earlier deadline so please be aware of your state's procedures concerning this.

· Festivals Bulletin amendment: Entrants in the Drum Set Event are permitted to use a recorded accompaniment (minus the drum set) which is audible to both the adjudicator and the entrant.

Additional Information:

JR Forms can be found on the nfmc-music.org website under Junior Division Publications and downloaded for free. The JR forms 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-7, 3-8, 3-9, 3-13, 3-16, and 3-18 have all undergone revision. Some revisions are minor but others are more drastic. Please discard the old versions of these forms and use those only dated "August 2017."

· There is a new addition to the JR Forms this year. The JR 3-11 "Federation Festivals Student Event History" template was designed with the intent of providing teachers with a new tool to aid them in planning and record keeping.

· There were several states that were late in sending payment of Festival Fees to NFMC. As a result, beginning this year, a new deadline of June 1st has been established by NFMC for all dues to be sent to the NFMC Executive Director using the JR 3-7 form. It is the State Festival Chair's responsibility to make sure the State Treasurer meets this deadline. Please note that according to NFMC Standing Rules K-2 "Fees due to National must be paid BEFORE receiving Festival Certificates and/or Federation Cups." If states are delinquent, NFMC can suspend sending Festival supplies and/or cups to them the following year.

· Once again, there were states that reported Festival entrants in non-Bulletin, non-sanctioned NFMC events this past year. Those students were disqualified and not included in the National Festivals report. Any requests for new Bulletin events must be sent to the National Festivals Chair for proposal at the next NFMC Festivals Committee meeting, and if approved, will go into effect with the next Bulletin (not the current one).

~Chris Vitt, Festival Chair

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November: American Music Month

Time to celebrate American Music Month! The National Federation of Music has declared the month of November as American Music Month. The Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm Parade of American Music honors its founder, Ada Holding Miller, by encouraging NFMC clubs to increase programming and performance of American music; to bring more recognition to American composers; to stimulate public appreciation and awareness of American music; and to broaden the knowledge of American music. The Parade encompasses all aspects of music and was established in 1987 by the widow of Professor Rudolf R. A. Schramm.

Remember: Programs must have the NFMC logo (included below) and the following, or similar wording.”The National Federation of Music Clubs observes American Music Month annually in November through the Parade of American Music.”

Consider asking your Mayor for a Proclamation for American Music Month. Often times it's a matter of submitting your request online - do it asap! When it's issued, you could use that as an opportunity to promote your club! Take a picture receiving it - post it on Facebook or make an article for the newspaper. Great opportunity to promote your club! I'd love to see proclamations issued throughout the state!

AWARDS: $300 first place, $125 second place and $75 third place.

Do multiple activities to compete for the awards. Entry presentation quality is important. Photos of performers and displays make a nice presentation notebook.

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Together We Sing

There will be no new Together We Sing Books until June of next year. Apparently they were going to expand it to last for years, but didn't get done in time. So we are advised to use our 2016-17 books again this year. Our club is planning to use the book for a complete program this year. However your club decides to use this resource, please report this to me in the spring.

~Patti Grimmett, state chair