The Last Holiday Concert

Book report

the summary of the book

  • The book I read is called "The Last Holiday Concert" by Andrew Clements it is a book about a guy who's name is Hart Evans the most popular kid in his elementary school. When he goes to sixth grade he takes a rubber band flings it at his teacher/director for sixth grade chorus though he was aiming at the lights because of that the sixth graders have to pick a new director so they pick Hart. They all get ideas for the chorus but when there are nearing December 22nd he has to pick what goes in and what doesn't resulting in him going from most to least popular. So to regain fame he makes everyone vote on what goes in and what doesn't. The whole thing is a big success.

My favourite part and why

My favourite part of the book was the concert because I could visualize it and it is a pretty exciting part of the book

What I think is the most creative idea

Everything else

Who I feel least connected to

Mr.Mienart the original director has a lot of temper unlike me because I don't. He is a teacher but I'm a student we know this because if I wasn't I wouldn't be doing this. He is a good singer and musician being a music teacher unlike me because again I'm a student. The one thing I do feel connected to him about is being a human being because we both know English which makes us human.

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