Cardiovascular Technician

Zackary Patrick 4B

Description & Duties

  • Use image technology to help diagnose ailments
  • Help in emergency cases
  • Prepare patients for procedures
  • Prepare and maintain equipment
  • Recognize normal and abnormal images
  • Preform non-invasive procedures (ultrasound)


  • Health & Physical- High personal stamina: work on their feet and move/lift the patients
  • Personality- Must be firm yet gentile with patient to get them to cooperate
  • Education- Bachelor's degree
  • Other- Technological skills

Job Outlook

  • 49,000 currently employed
  • An above average growth rate (29%)


  • Usually work in hospitals or physician's office
  • Work standard hours ordinarily
  • work evenings, nights, weekends, and during emergancies

Salaries & Benifits

  • Beginning salary- $18,000
  • Average salary- $30,000
  • Exception salary- $77,020
  • Interpersonal Experiance


  • Strayer University
  • ECPI
  • ITT Tech.

Common injury "Treated"

Atrial Fibrillation

  1. Causes- Congenital or Exposure to stimulants
  2. Symptoms- Weakness, Shortness of breath, Lightheaded, Confusion, Chest pain
  3. Role- Diagnosis and Testing


This field dose seem very interesting yet it's not my most preferable choice. My first choice of career would be a Physician's Assistant. As a P.A. i can work at many different locations and preform every task a licensed Physician is able to do.

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