Jacob Brown

Have faith in many but put your trust in nobody-Kent Jones

Who Am I

My top 3 Interests

Personal Care Services

Therapeutic Services

National Security

My top 3 Skills

Privite detectives and Investigators

Probation officer

Airport Screener

My learning styles




These will be needed so you know your limits.

My career as a...

A probation officer-A probation officer is a professional that monitors offenders and makes sure that they abide by the rules and follow the conditions of the probation. Although they have some similar duties, parole officers and probation officers are actually very different. For instance, parole officers monitor offenders that have warranted an early release from a correctional facility; these are typically violent or repeat offenders. Probation officers, on the other hand, typically monitor nonviolent or first-time offenders, or offenders that have committed minor crimes.

Median Salary-53,360

Job Out look- Yes there will be.

Law and Public Safety

Work schedule-10-7

Work enviroment-Alot of people and quite time.

Some thing that is intresting to me is the people you deal with.

How Do I Get There

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is the college i want to attend to while learning about probation officer. When i did reasearch on the college it was in the top 10 for probation officers.Yes they do have a program. Minnesota is far from home but i can make visits too. Minnesota twin city tuition cost about 34,724.
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