Our Glorious Trip Around Texas.

With Abby, Nick and Agron

Day 1 Austin

We made a trip to Austin because, well, we wanted to see the space station movie at the IMAX theater. When we saw it, I felt so interested in the space category. The smashburger was to die for! Which was $25.00

Day 2 Rockport

We had so much fun, fishing and watching a man call in the pelicans. I thought it was amazing. We also went fishing and caught a 48.9 pound bass. We ate it. Then we went to the Charlotte plummers. That was $30.42

Day 3 San Antonio

We had a blast in San Antonio. We went and saw the Alamo. We went inside of the building and we say a huge statue of a sam houston,and the other people that fought in the alamo. Then after the alamo we went to chick-fil-a and ate chicken sandwiches which was $10.55.

Day 4 El paso

We enjoyed El paso. The food was delish and we enjoyed the time change!

We also enjoyed the El paso zoo and aquarium! And we saw fishes,snakes,penguins,etc and it was awesome. Then we went subway and ate and it cost $13.45.

Price after.