Reading, Research, Supported Opinion Writing & Presentation

It's an investment in your future!

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Reading (lots)

Jan 9 & 10

Select one of the following topics:
  • Using Wikipedia in education (under "Technology")
  • Cell phone searches (under "Citizen's Rights")
  • Child labour (under "Human Rights")
  • Year-round schooling (under "Schools and Education")

Go to the Canadian Points of View Database. Read the Overview, Point, and Counterpoint essays for that topic. For each essay

  • paraphrase the thesis
  • summarize each paragraph in one sentence. Make sure you include the argument and one detail


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More reading + *gasp!* thinking

Jan 11 & 12

What do you think about the topic? Write out your working thesis (your personal opinion).

Using the Explora database, find one more essay or article which supports your point of view. Identify the thesis and arguments. Don't just pick the first article you find. You will have to skim and scan quite a few articles to find the one which is best for you. If you can't decide on one article, pick two.

Canadian periodicals: newspapers & magazines

If you want to find one of the articles listed in a bibliography, try the Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly. You could always google the article, but going through the database means that you don't have to create a citation for it. Big smiles.

Supported Opinion Writing

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Getting your ideas down

Jan 13 & 16

Write a supported opinion essay

  1. Outline
  2. Point form
  3. Example essay

Access the above documents by logging into your Peel gmail account:

  1. Studentnumber@pdsb.net
  2. Password: your log in password to a school computer

Looking for a literary essay? Here's a resource to find an example.

Use a template to plan your work, such as the outline above.


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A call to action

Jan 17

Death by PowerPoint lesson

Jan 18

Work period

Jan 19

Practice & feedback

Jan 24


What I am Looking For


  • interesting hook (introduction)
  • clear thesis (it's an opinion)
  • three arguments and examples (stories?)
  • solid conclusion calling for action

  • clear voice
  • eye contact
  • confident body language

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