Topic: Homophopia

Cole M, K.C. St, Crystal R, jasmine S, katelyn M


Homosexuality is described as the sexual desire or behavior directed towards a persons own sex. This behavior is not a mental disorder, unlike most people proclaim. It is simply that one is not the same as those around themselves. It has also been rumored to be a unhealthy way of lifestyle (also untrue) and is considered to be against the bible. However this lifestyle is fairly uncommon as of 2007 scientist have estimated that 5% of the global population has been estimated to be a homosexual. Homosexuality is also not new by any means as it has been recorded ever since ancient China, and these people were often referred to as "the cut sleeve". It should also come as a surprise to nobody that their have been those who despised and hated these people for being different, and these people are called homophobic.


Homophobia is the fear or hatred of another for their different sexual preference. These people would insult, hurt, and be aggressive to homosexuals just for being who they are. These people are also the reason why homosexual teens are 50% more likely to use alcohol and are three time more likely to abuse drugs such as marijuana. It is even seen in history across many different cultures that if a person was found to be homosexual they would be either detained or executed. Homophobic people are most likely the reason why most states forbid and punish gay marriage. However gay marriage is not illegal in all states, some state such as New York, Iowa, Vermont and others have made gay marriage legal.