An app/website to use for stress relief and more.

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This app/website can do just more than relieve stress. It has tracks with small activities which can help you with negative thinking, simple meditation, and how to motivate yourself.

For whom?

Anyone can use it. When you sign up, it may not have your age if you are younger than 18. I would mainly use it for stress relief and for meditation. Those are the main tracks, other ones such as ,"Why Money CAN by you Happiness", "Motivation Tricks to Help You Get Fit.", and more tracks require you to get a membership, which costs money.

Tracks and How to Pick Them.

Track have many activities to help with different things such as if you need help in positive thinking and meditating. When you start the app it requires you to answer a few questions. Once completed the app will recommend track to complete. You do not have do the recommended, you can chose to do any of the others available.


You can post about your happiness, and your track will end up making you post something about happiness. There is a small tab at the bottom corner of the app which appears to be two chat bubbles. There you have an option of reading other people's posts, like, and follow others. The community can seem a bit inactive at times as well.

Free vs Paid

If you do not get a membership to Happify, you don't get to do more of interesting tracks. The creators give you basic ones, but in some of the activities in the track are restricted, unless you have a membership. But don't worry! By the next day, the activities are different and you have a chance to do more! If you want you can get a membership, it is relatively cheap. If you chose the year subscription.


There are a few cons that may interfere with the usage off the app. When an activity requires you to post, and you ended up going back to the home page, the things you have written will not save. To get more interesting activities in the free track or to get different and unique tracks, you have to get a membership. Which may be bit hard for middle schoolers to acquire the money for. Some activities can be a drag to accomplish, but the rest can be entertaining to do. Finally, you can only do one track at a time on the app, if you decide to do another one you lose all progress in the previous track.


The app is great for free usage and has a nice look on it. The activities can be fun, and the features are entertaining. Though you may not be able to get to do everything there if you do not want to get the membership, it is still gives you many options for tracks to do. I would recommend for all to use.
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