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American Olympic Athlete that Strives for Perfection, Not Gold


"If I could put down unbelievable performances, really inspirational; performances that tugged at people's hearts where people got emotional and still not come away with any medals, I think that would be the ideal Olympics for me." ~Bode Miller

He takes risks every time he takes to the slopes. He risks everything. Some say foolishly others say bravely. He is an unconventional alpine skier and perhaps one of the most successful.

When I watch this 60 minute documentary I see a man that has found his true passion in life. Not so much skiing, but more of living a life that he loves to question everything, take risks and enjoy the rewards.

I share this with you to show you what can happen when you are brave enough to question the conventional thinking of what has been done. When it comes to teaching and learning we need to always be asking if what we are doing is the best approach. If it is not, then we need to be brave enough to take the risks of doing what needs to be done to inspire our learners to take their learning to their greatest heights.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.




Week at a Glance

Monday: Staff Development/ Student Holiday; Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday: No Faculty Meeting; Lockdown Drill

Wednesday: City Wide PTO; Leadership Brazos Education Day

Thursday: Normal Day

Friday: 4th Six Weeks Ends