This Week in Our Schools


January 14-18, 2019

This Week in Our Schools allows parents and the community to take a peek inside our classrooms each week. Scroll down to see our students in action as they learn and grow as a Muskie! (*select an image to enlarge it)

Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Mini Dance Marathon.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Kindergarten-5th Grade Reading Buddies; Ms. Stanbury's Art Club; Family Fun Night.
  • Madison Elementary: Madison's MakerSpace Fun Lab.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Luna's 1st Grade Class.
  • Central and West Middle Schools: Southeastern Iowa String Teachers Honors Orchestra; Moxie Strings.
  • Central Middle School: 6th Grade SuperHero Avengers; Ms. Wiebe's 6th, 7th-8th Grade Ag Classes; English Language Arts Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Work Experience Trainee of the Month; FFA Meats Team; Mrs. Walsh's Environmental and AP Environmental Science Class.
  • Muskie Sports: IFCA Academic All-State Team; Muskie Apparel Store.
  • District-Wide Staff: CPR Training.


Mini Dance Marathon

Colorado students held a Mini Dance Marathon last Friday after school to benefit the University of Iowa's Stead Family Children's Hospital.


Kindergarten-5th Grade Reading Buddies

Kindergarten and 5th grade students gain lots of valuable learning experiences by working together during buddy reading time.
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Ms. Stansberry's Art Club

Ms. Stansberry's Art Club students were very creative and detailed when making Respect posters for the school.
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Family Night!

Jefferson PTO sponsored a fantastic Family Night fundraising event at Culvers on Tuesday. Students, families and the community had a wonderful time showing support for our school and enjoyed great food.


Madison's MakerSpace

Students at Madison have voted to rename their library Makerspace to be called the Fab Lab! Students continue to demonstrate their creativity as they rotate throughout stations during their class maker time. In addition to many academic skills, they are learning how to collaborate, exercise patience, and to persevere when things get challenging.


Mrs. Luna's 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Luna’s 1st graders set personal goals for FAST testing. Students celebrated making their goals. Great job McKinley Muskies! #goalgetters
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Southeastern Iowa String Teachers Honors Orchestra

Students from CMS & WMS were selected to participate in the Southeastern Iowa String Teachers Honors Orchestra. They braved the snow this past weekend and traveled to Bettendorf for all-day rehearsals and a concert that evening. Nice job representing our middle schools!

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Moxie Strings

CMS & WMS Orchestra students had the amazing opportunity to work with the string duo "Moxie Strings" who are currently touring the US. They play electric violin and cello and performed for the students and taught the students a new piece and how to improvise.


6th Grade Superhero's of the Week for Central Middle School Avengers

Congrats to these 6th grade superheroes!

Ms. Wiebe's 6th Grade Ag Classes

Ms. Wiebe's 6th grade ag classes at Central are working on creating posters teaching others why agriculture is important.

Ms. Wiebe's 7th and 8th Grade Ag Classes

Ms. Wiebe's 7th and 8th grade ag students from Central took their tour of the Ag Learning Center and learned about animal safety before holding baby lambs!

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CMS English Language Arts Classes

Mrs. Schlawin worked with the CMS ELA classes to make survival tools using cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners, and other odds and ends. The ELA classes are currently reading "My Side of the Mountain" and this week in the library, our students used the book to design a product that they could use in the wilderness. Our students came up with creative ideas like a boat and paddle, fishing poles, flint and steel, night vision goggles, water purifiers, and even more!


Work Experience Trainee of the Month

This week's MHS Work Experience Program trainee, pictured casually leaning against MCSD's new mid-sized bus, is Matthew Saltz. Matthew is pictured with MCSD Lead Mechanic John Martz. (Not pictured is Jeff Hall the newest member to our transportation tech crew.)

Matthew has been getting a look at what it takes to keep the fifty MCSD buses and vans cleaned up and road ready. Matthew is currently assisting John and Jeff with detailing tasks so our fleet of vehicles are cleaned up and ready to hit the road.

John is 1980 MHS graduate and has worked for the MCSD for six years but has been "turning wrenches" in the area since 1981. We appreciate John and Jeff's help with our students' training and their hard work to keep those wheels going, "round and round, round and round."

FFA Meats Team

Congratulations to the Muscatine FFA Meats Evaluation Team on their performance at the Western National Roundup Meat Contest as part of the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado this past week. Students earned the right to compete at this National Contest by placing 2nd in the state contest this past August. The contest was Saturday the 12th and awards were Sunday the 13th. The team, comprised of Dailyn Garrett, Hope Reichert, Jamie Sprague, Allen Tian, Joscelyn Boynton, and Sierra Long, spent the week traveling and practicing at various meatpacking plants throughout the midwest. The team ended up 10th overall in the nation and 3rd overall in Beef Grading. Participants in the Meats Evaluation and Technology Career Development Event (CDE) or Meat Judging learn about the science of meat. During this team event, students evaluate beef, pork, and lamb for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses; and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts.

This event is ideal for students who are interested in exploring or pursuing career opportunities in the meat animal or food science industry. Students are challenged to develop analytical skills, critical thinking strategies, and effective communication skills.

Mrs. Walsh's Environmental and AP Environmental Science Class

This week in Mrs. Walsh's Environmental and AP Environmental Science class, students simulated the economics and environmental effects of real mining operations by mining chocolate chip cookies. They also replicated a model of the factors affecting fisheries populations through a fisheries simulation game. This required a great deal of group cooperation!


Iowa Football Coaches Association Academic All-State team

Carson Orr, Cooper Zeck, Tom LoBianco, and Will Zillig were selected to the IFCA (Iowa Football Coaches Association) Academic All-State team. Congratulations Muskies!
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Help Support Muskie Sports

The Muskie Apparel Store has added new items to help support Muskie athletics. A portion of the sales from any shirt/sweatshirt with the Athletic Department logo will go to the MHS Athletic Department! Go to: Muskie Apparel to shop!


CPR Training

Thirty staff members across the district participated in CPR training this week. Every building in our district has staff who are trained in CPR!