Ended Conscription

Q1. What was the reform?

The reform was completely ending conscription.

Q2. Why was it introduced?

Conscription was introduced into Australia because many men were no longer offering to go to war. So conscription were put into place by the Australian Army with help from Australian Government.

Q3. Who did the reform target?

The reform targeted you men aged 18 and older.

Q4. Who would support the reform?

Liberal Government supported conscription

Q5. Who would the positive imapacts be?

The positive impacts on abolishing conscription was many mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers got there husband, brother, great grandson back. Many suited jobs for men such as engineering, trading, truck drivers, builders & farmers. And many families will grow bigger.

Q6. Who did the reform neglect?

The Australian army because no one wanted to join.

Q7. Who would oppose the reform?

The Liberal party because they'd lose the work force.

Q8. What would/could the negative impacts be?

The negative affects on ending conscription is that North Korea may come to Australia due to Australia going to Vietnam and fighting on the South Korea's side.