The Wag

Ms. Edelman's Weekly Newsletter

November 9-13


This week we officially began learning about Thanksgiving! On Monday we watched an informative BrainPop Jr. video that told us the story of the pilgrims. Afterwards, we read a poem that gave us a few more details and then all created a bracelet consisting of different colored beads to remind us of the important details of the first Thanksgiving. We also read some fun stories, like Turkey Pox and A Turkey for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday we each wrote our own recipes for cooking turkey. Some of us thought it would be a good idea to stuff the turkey with m&ms and marshmallows, smother the skin with nutella, and cook it for 60 hours in a 10 degree oven. Sounds delicious:) We will make a classroom recipe book that we are sure you will all find very helpful as your prepare for your own Thanksgiving Dinners:) We also did our first "book report" this week. We read our story A Turkey for Thanksgiving and then wrote about the Main Characters, Setting, Problem and Solution in the story. The children are really beginning to develop their reading comprehension skills. We really encourage you to ask them questions as you read with them,


We had a great week in math. We went back to addition, but learned a new strategy, using the number line. This has been a great way for many of us to find the correct sum when adding two numbers together. On Tuesday we learned that when adding we can begin with either number in the addition sentence, and it is best to begin with the larger number. Once we started doing this it made using the number line much easier and faster! We learned about estimation on Wednesday and discussed that if we are about 10 numbers above or below the actual amount, then we have made a thoughtful estimation. We had a lot of fun estimating four jars filled with different objects. After estimating the amount of objects in the jars, we learned how you can make a thoughtful guess when adding as well.

Ms. Cohen;s Counselling Corner

This week in Guidance, we revisited Fuzzy the Butterfly, from the Ready to Learn Curriculum. We reviewed the first two stories with Fuzzy (The Time of Great Change and The Secret of Flowers) and read a new one, “Fuzzy and the Daring Rescue” which highlighted the skill of listening and ensuring understanding by repeating the main idea of the story. To reinforce this skill, the students drew pictures of the main idea of the book, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds, after listening to the story. Ask your children to recall what each of the forest friends taught Fuzzy, such as paying attention, asking key questions, never giving up – as these are skills that have been directly linked with long-term school success.

Thank You's!

Thank you to Jeffrey Zell and Stephanie Yudin for being our Center Helpers and to Sally Mundell for being our Mystery Reader.

The children really enjoyed having the Peretz Family for Family of the week.


-As we begin wearing sweatshirts, sweaters, and fleeces please be sure to put your child's name in their outerwear.

Upcoming Dates

November 13: Half day for students

-November 19 & 20: Parent Teacher Conferences

-November 25-27: No school Thanksgiving break

-November 30-December 4: Spirit Week

-December 4: All School Rock Shabbat

-December 4-9: PTO Book Fair