Clackamas River Chinooks!

December 10, 2021

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Week 12 CRE Movie
FIRE UP: Fire Up Challenge - Battle 4: The Obstacle Course
Good Afternoon Chinooks!

We've had another exciting week at Clackamas River. We're so thankful that we get to work with your students and watch them grow each and every day!

A quick reminder that the technology sent home is for school work, an unforeseen quarantine, or a virtual snow day. Recently we have seen a rise in technology related issues happening after school and spilling into the learning environment. While we know that this can be difficult to monitor, we appreciate you assisting us in our efforts to keep children safe and in healthy relationships with peers.

Starting Monday, the Estacada School District will implement the new “Test-to-Stay” protocol announced Nov. 23 by the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority. We are excited about this opportunity to keep students in school after an in-school exposure and limit learning disruptions, all while minimizing risks of COVID-19 transmission.

Highlights of the Test to Stay Protocol

OHA’s test to stay protocol allows unvaccinated students to continue to participate in in-person instruction in Oregon’s K-12 schools during their quarantine period. The risk of transmission is minimized in school settings because the required testing is combined with several layers of protection including utilizing face coverings, physical distancing, cohorting, and ventilation.

  • Parent consent must be obtained before the district can test a student for COVID. Parents will receive individual notification from the school asking for testing consent following a COVID-19 exposure.
  • Test to stay is available only for unvaccinated students and staff who have had an on-campus exposure. Outside of school exposures will not be eligible for this program.
  • Test-to-stay requires unvaccinated individuals to be tested twice during the 7 days following exposure. First, as soon as the exposure has been identified, then with a second test occurring between days 5-7 following the exposure.
  • Test-to-stay is a form of modified quarantine, which allows students to attend school during their quarantine period. However, individuals participating in test-to-stay are expected to maintain quarantine outside of classroom settings.
  • Students participating in test-to-stay may participate in school-related extracurricular activities during their quarantine period but must wear a face covering at all times during these activities.
  • The CDC considers test-to-stay a promising practice for minimizing quarantine and maximizing school days in school for students.
  • Note: There may be instances where OHA determines that there is a high risk of transmission and may implement a home quarantine for exposed individuals.

If your student has an in-school exposure, your child’s school and/or the Oregon Health Authority will inform you if test-to-stay is an option for your student. You must have documented consent in order for your child to be tested. Students who do not have parental consent will not be tested. These rapid tests use a lower nasal swab, not a deep swab. Participation in the Test-to-stay is optional and families who opt not to participate may quarantine their child at home.

Learn more about test-to-stay via the Oregon Health Authority's FAQ here:

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Christina Anderson


Clackamas River

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Emergency Broadband Benefits

There is a program being offered to families through the government. It is for families that may need to get the Internet into their homes. They want all students to have access to the internet.

Families can go to Reliance connect's website and the very first thing that comes up is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

Follow the prompts through the different paperwork and it is fairly easy to apply.

Families can receive $50.00 a month toward getting their internet connected. All they have to do is follow the links. Most of the programs through Reliance are only $59.00 so this would cover all but 9.00.

Families can qualify if they:

1- are low income,

2-have children that qualify for free and reduced lunches,

3-Received a Federal Pell Grant,

4-Are SNAP eligible,

5- Had a substantial loss of income due to job loss or were furloughed and had an income of below 99,000.00 single filers and 198,000.00 for Joint filers.

Or go directly to

If the families cannot afford the $9.00 there is a program through the State of Oregon that will help with the last part.




Oregon Public Utility Commission

PO Box 2148

Salem OR 97308

1-800-848-4442 or 503-373-7171

1-800-648-3458 (TTY)

971-239-5845 (Videophone)

Fax: 1-877-567-1977 or 503-378-6047

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Kindness Chains
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Building Budgets

Below is the building budget for at Clackamas River. Each year the building is given this budget to spend on additional curriculum, training, materials, and student supplies. In an effort to be transparent with our spending, you can see our year to date totals. We welcome any and all questions about our spending at Clackamas River.
Finance Update: November 2021
Operations Update: November 2021 - River Mill Elementary Tour
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