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Falcons! We need your input. We are hosting a Career Day for our 8th Graders in late May and we are looking for parents and/or adults you may know that have an interesting profession they enjoy and would love to come and share with us.

Random Acts of Kindness

Last month we hosted Random Acts of Kindness week! It was a great success and what a great start to the mission we are hoping to continue for years to come. We want to thank you for participating during this week and signing hearts! Let's continue to be THE kindest MIDDLE SCHOOL in our DISTRICT!
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The Super Solver (Listen Locker Responses)

I'm dating somebody but everyone says he's too short for me.

True love is embracing your love for someone. It doesn't matter what people say about him, its that the love is shown and that's all that matters.

So there's this guy I like who always flirts with me, but I get shy when I am about to ask if this is a thing. I talk to him but I want to do more. Advice?

Start with baby steps, such as saying "hi" then work your way up to having good conversations. Once you guys become good friends maybe you won't be as shy.


We will be testing during these days, 7th Grade Writing/8th Grade Math on the 29th and 7th Grade Writing/8th Grade Reading on the 30th. We know you are ready to knock out this test! You will do GREAT! LET'S DO THIS!
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