December Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Dec 6th Girls Basketball A & B at Monticello

Dec 7th Band Concert Cafeteria 6th Grade 6:45pm and 7th/8th Grade 7:30pm

Dec 7th PTO Meeting 6:00pm Lobby

Dec 8th Girls Basketball A vs B at Monticello

Dec 13th Girls Basketball A Team at Cascade

Dec 14th Wrestling

Dec 15th Girls Basketball A Team Vs B Team at Monticello

Dec 15th Orchestra Concert 7pm

Dec 16th Choir Concert 6:30pm

Dec 17th Early Release 11:55 for Winter Break

Jan 3rd First day back to school after the Winter Break

Jan 3rd First day of practice for boys basketball

See Something Say Something

The incidents last week near RA Long and in Michigan remind us of how important it is to 'See Something, Say Something'. We are asking our students to notify an adult if they see or hear something that might compromise the safety of our students and staff.

School Wide Expectations - PBIS

To create a safe and supportive learning environment at Monticello, we utilize a PBIS approach. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. In short, we teach school wide expectations and then positively reinforce students that are meeting those expectations. For those students that need additional support, we provide intensive interventions. We expect students to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be a Learner. A full list of expectations and procedures can be found in our school handbook. Click here for a link to our school handbook.

We have noticed some specific issues that we are currently addressing

  • Respect & Defiance
  • Hoods/Hats
  • Cell Phones

We realize that it is important for students to know why rules and expectations have been put in place. Below are few of examples regarding the behaviors mentioned above.

  • Respect/Defiance: We expect students to be respectful so that we can maintain a positive classroom environment where all students receive instruction without constant disruptions. (School Board Policy 3241)
  • Hoods/Hats are not allowed because of safety concerns as previously mentioned above. When students are wearing head coverings along with a mask, it can be really difficult to identify students when they are in the building. (School Board Policy 3224)
  • Cell phones are not allowed in school during school hours for a number of reasons. The first reason is that they can be a distraction in the classroom preventing learning from taking place. Our school district provides the necessary technology to be successful. The next reason is that students have used cell phones to take pictures or videos of other students or staff without permision. Sometimes the pictures or videos include words or suggestions to insult, mock or demean other students and staff. Another reason, is that students have used cell phones to record videos of fights. All instances substantially disrupt the learning environment at Monticello. (school board policy 3245p)

We would like to remind everyone that most of our students are doing a great job and we will continue to recognize their efforts when they are meeting our school expectations. We have over 500 students at Monticello and 87% of them have not received an office referral this year.

We do try to use a PBIS approach and do consider student input. Soon we will be providing an opportunity for students to use their cell phones appropriately at lunch, but they will have to earn it and show they can be responsible. We will have a designated room where students can go to eat lunch and use their phones. They will have to follow the expectations. In order to earn it, students will need to earn mustang bucks from staff members. Mustang Bucks are given out by staff when students are demonstrating positive behaviors in our school. Stay tuned for more information regarding this opportunity.

Winter Concerts

We are excited to be able to have in-person concerts again this year. Our teachers have worked hard preparing for the concerts while making sure they are following the current health and safety guidelines. All participants and families will be required to wear masks appropriately while indoors. Below you will find some other helpful information for the upcoming concerts.

Band Concert

On Tuesday, December 7th, we will have our winter band concert in the cafeteria. Since seating is limited due to safety protocols, we will be holding two separate concerts and we ask that families sit together on the same bench in the cafe. The first concert for our beginning band students will start at 6:45pm. The second concert for our advanced band students will start at 7:30pm. Those attending the advance band concert should wait until the beginning band concert has ended before entering the cafeteria.

Orchestra Concert

On Wednesday, December 15th, our winter orchestra concert will be held in the cafeteria at 7:00pm.

Choir Concert

On Thursday, December 16th, our winter choir concert will be held in the gym at 6:30pm. This is due to social distancing requirements and the ability to have additional seating in the gym.

December's Character Trait is Selflessness

At Monticello, every Wednesday we have an advisory class at the beginning of the day. We use a curriculum called Character Strong to provide social and emotional support to our students to help them feel safe and connected to our school. Each month, the advisory class focuses on a specific character trait. This month's trait is Selflessness.

Selflessness is defined by meeting the needs of others and having the will to serve and sacrifice for others, the willingness to set aside our wants in seeking the greatest goods for others.

Kindness Tree

Our art teacher, Ms. Wesolowich, created a kindness tree for our cafeteria. In advisory classes, our students have been creating leaves with kind words for other students and staff. Ms. Strock's ELL class helped place the leaves on the tree last week. We are working on building a safe and supportive learning environment where all students are treated with respect and kindness.

Winter Clothing Drive

From now until December 17th, we are looking for help to fill our Resource Center with winter clothing for our students. If you are able to help, the following items are needed;

Lightly Worn or New Coats, Jackets and Shoes and New Undergarments, Socks, Hats and gloves. Donations can be dropped off in the lobby.

Students Recognized For Demonstrating Humility

During the month of November, our staff has recognized more than 30 students for demonstrating Humility. Students that are recognized will receive a certificate and short ice cream social for demonstrating the positive character trait. This is part of our PBIS approach to positively reinforce our school wide expectations.

Family Character Dare

This month’s character trait is Humility. Humility is defined as being authentic without being arrogant and understanding that everyone has something to teach you. One example of humility is accepting help when you really need it.

We encourage families to get involved by having discussions at home about humility and joining in on our Family Character Dare. This month’s dare is as follows;

Have everyone in your family write down a list of 3-5 things that they would appreciate if someone helped them with, said to them or shared with them. Put it in a public place and see if everyone can get something checked off the list.

October Students Of The Month

The following students were recognized by their teachers for demonstrating PATIENCE.

Girls Basketball & Wrestling

We are so excited to have sports again this year. Our athletes are working hard and making our school proud.

Boys Basketball

The first basketball practice for 7th and 8th grade boys will be on January 3rd right after school. Students that are interested in trying out need to have their paperwork turned into the office before they can practice. Students that need paperwork are encouraged to pick it up from the office and turn it in completed before Dec 17th (last day of school before winter break). If you have any questions, please contact our athletic secretary at 360-575-7041 or by email at

Reminder: Due to social distancing requirements, only family members of our athletes are allowed to attend indoor sporting events. We ask that those family members sit together in the stands. When the restrictions are lifted, all of our student body will be allowed to attend. All spectators will be required to wear a mask while in the building.

Skyward Access To Check Grades

Skyward Family Access is an online tool that gives families the opportunity to participate more fully in their students’ education. It offers up-to-the-minute student information, including attendance, schedules, food service balances and immunizations. It also includes a calendar and message center.

If you have not yet obtained a username, submit an application to a school where you have a student attending. Your username will work for all active students living in your household. Each guardian may have a separate user name and password. Click here for a link to skyward family access.

If you have any questions at all regarding your child's progress or classes, you are encouraged to reach out to your child's teachers.

We believe we make a difference in the lives of our students by providing a safe and supportive environment where ALL students receive a high-quality, comprehensive education that inspires them to become life-long learners and equips them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in high school and beyond.