Asian Beetle Invasion

Invader Species Taking Over

This invading species in killing trees all around so that it can reproduce and lay its larvae in the bark of the trees.

What is the species?

It is a black and white spotted, hard shelled beetle. It has long horns and can be 1 to 5 inches long.


The scientific name for the species is the Anoplophora glabripennis, but it has some nicknames. The nicknames are the starry sky beetle, and the asian long horned beetle.

The beetles original home

These beetles originally came from Asia and Japan. They came by wood packaging and shipping that was being sent to the United States and Europe.

Where is this an issue?

It all started in Europe and the east coast when there were a lot of trees starting to lose their lives due to these beetles being in the area.

When did they come?

They came in 1996 and chaos started then with the tree and forest life.