Silver Fox Bulletin

August 11, 2021

Schedule Changes

Counselors are still processing changes

Parent and students:

Counselors are working to finish processing all schedule changes. Students will be called out if counselors have questions. We appreciate your patience.

Students must submit change requests (via QR code) by Friday, August 13. Keep in mind counselors will continue to process all changes. Our goal is to have all changes completed as soon as possible.

Dress Code Sweeps begin: 8/16/21

Sweep Procedures:

1. Male and Female Dress Code sweeps will take place during 1st and 5th Period from 8:55 to 9:05 a.m. Teachers will review/check their class for any students out of dress code.

2. If student is out of compliance, the following personnel will pick up students and escort to main area (Large Gym) for clothes swap out (Escort Time 9:05-9:20 a.m.)

3. Parent will receive a automated call if there child is picked up in the sweep.

1st offense is a warning
2nd offense students will receive "community service" during lunch.
3rd offense will result in a discipline referral

Dress Code Policy


No Profanity

No sex, drugs, gang messaging

No low cut tops, no midriff

All shoulder straps need to be 2 inches wide


All pants, jeans worn at waist: no revealing underwear

Ripped jeans are allowed below knee only

No pajama pants

Leggings may be worn when covered by a shirt or dress to the top of the thigh area

No short shorts (hands at side test)


Shoes must be worn at all times

No slippers


No hats of any kind in the building

Head covers for religious reasons are allowed

No bandanas allowed as a hat, belts or hanging from jeans

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Students may now pick up "Grab and Go " meals (Total of 4 options) in the ticket booth directly across freshmen building parking.
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High School Menu

Construction Changes

Student/faculty and staff use new pathway to get across campus.

Safety/Construction updates

OLD Pathways (not accessible)

MAIN GYM (Entrance and Exit)

For access to the main gym, we will use the main doors in the front to enter and exit.

The back door by handball court is only for EMS during emergencies.

CAFETERIA (Entrance and Exit)

The only access to the cafeteria is through the front doors (by the quad). We will enter and exit only from the front

The door directly behind the weight room/handball court is no longer accessible. The other back door is for cafeteria deliveries only.

New Pathway

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Silver Fox Athletics

12-Aug 5:30 PM Football Scrimmage vs Hanks/Fabens