Erik Erikson

By: Abby Crawford and Jada Cheatham

All About Erik Erikson

Erikson was from Germany where he grew up with his mom and step father, he did not know who his real father was. When Erikson grew older he went to Vienna and met Anna Freud, and after he met her, he decided to get into the field of psychoanalysis.

While Erikson was at Vienna he studied child development at the psychoanalytic institute though the Montessori method. Erikson did receive a diploma from the institute, after he got his diploma he met Joan Serson who became his wife. Joan Serson later helped Erik Erikson develop his most famous theory, which was the psychosocial development theory.

What type of theorist was he?

Erik Erikson was a psychosocial development theorist.

8 Stages

Trust vs Mistrust will lead to the virtue of hope. (0 to 1 and a 1/2)

Anatomy vs Shame & Doubt will lead to the virtue of will. (1 and a 1/2 to 3)

Initiative vs Guilt will lead to the virtue of purpose. (3 to 5)

Industry vs Inferiority will lead to the virtue of competency. (5 to 12)

Identity vs Role Confusion will lead to the virtue of fidelity. (12 to 18)

Intimacy vs Isolation will lead to the virtue of love. (18 to 40)

Generatively vs Stagnation will lead to the virtue of care. (40 to 65)

Integrity vs Despair will lead to the virtue of wisdom. (65+)

Real Life Example

An example of Trust vs Mistrust would be: The parent/caregivers response to when the baby cries, when the baby is held closely to the parent/caregiver, and how often the baby gets fed.