By Louis Sachar By Jaxon Gleaton Blk 2

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He is a kid with not a lot of money and has a dad who tries to invent a non shoe smeller for shoes. Stanley is a protagonist. He is the main character in the story. "He was over weight and often got teased". Stanley got in trouble and was accused of doing something he didn't do. He was accused of stealing a pair of shoes that belonged to baseball great Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston. So he had to go to Camp Green Lake to dig holes. He always had bad luck. He thinks this is because his great great grandfather broke a promise and his family is now cursed.


He is a kid without a mom. He has to live on a playground with nobody but him, but he is nice and friendly. He is a protagonist. He is Stanley's best friend. Zero is short. He was at the Green Lake Camp because he stole the shoes that Stanley was accused of stealing. Zero never talks through out the book. He talks a little bit to Stanley because he trusts him. The other boys at the camp picked on Zero, and Stanley took up for him.

Mr. Sir

He is an antagonist. He is mean and always lets the water spill out of their canteens to be mean because it is so hot in the Texas desert. He chews sunflower seeds now since he quit smoking and he is cranky. He looks like he belongs in a motorcycle gang because "He had a tattoo of a rattlesnake on his arm ". Mr. Sir always makes the boys work hard and dig holes all day to find treasure. He tells the boys he is making them dig to build character.

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The theme is to always keep your promises. If you don't keep your promises you have nothing. No one will trust or like you. In Holes, Stanley Yelnats' great great grandfather does not keep his promises to the witch. He promised that he would come and take her to the mountain so she can drink the water. He doesn't take her and then his family is cursed with bad luck.

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The setting of the book Holes takes place in a desert that is called Camp Green Lake and also used to be a lake in Texas. The story takes place in the hot summer desert heat. The only cooling that they get is the water they drink and the shower tokens for showers. There are poisonous snakes and poisonous yellow spotted lizards that can kill you. It takes place in the current day. There is no one around for miles and the parents can't talk to the kids. They can only write notes.
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I think that the rattlesnakes and yellow spotted lizards represent the Warden and Mr. Sir since they are so mean. There is also a thumb shaped rock that they call God's thumb. I believe this is a symbol that God is watching over them.
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Book Recommendation

I really like this book because it was funny. There was a lot of action in the book so you didn't get tired of the story. I was always on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen to Stanley and Zero next. I recommend this book to anyone, especially people who like adventure and action. It teaches about keeping your word and always doing the right thing. Once you read the book, you should watch the movie. The movie is not as good or detailed as the book. I really enjoyed reading this book.
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