LPS Elementary Campus

First Day of School Reminders

First Day of School Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Just a few reminders to help the first day go smoothly:

  • Doors will open at 7:25 am
  • Unfortunately no parents are allowed to walk their child to class. Please take your photos at home or in the parking lot. With the exception of Kindergarten parents are allowed to walk their child in the 1st day only.
  • As you use the carpool lanes, please have your child exit on the left for safety.
  • Everyone please be careful and watch for people in the parking lots.
  • School starts at 7:55. Students should be in their seats ready at 7:55 or they are tardy.
  • There will be staff to help direct anyone that needs help. Please remember to ask, and remember safety first.

Students will need to come in uniform with their backpack and water bottle. If you did not order lunch to be delivered then they will need to bring a lunch.

If you ordered lunch from Wholesome Food Catering, it will be delivered to your child at lunch time. If not, please make sure they have a lunch when they arrive in the morning. Remember there is no catered lunch option for Mondays and Fridays yet, so please be sure that all students bring a lunch these days.

Be prepared to use school dismissal manager on Wednesday. You will receive an email from them today. If you have an issues, please contact Skylar Christian in the front office and she can help you (schristian@lpsfrisco.com or 972-294-6921).

  • We will release kindergarten students and their siblings at 2:50 August 18- August 27. Families with kindergarten students should please come at that time and use SDM to pick up their children if using carpool. If you are using a daycare bus the students will wait until the regular release time. Daycare buses do not have to come early just because they have a kindergarten riding.
  • If you do not have a kindergarten student, please don't enter the carpool line until 3:10. We will have to ask you to drive back around.

School will dismiss at 3:15. Please use the tags you received at meet the teacher in addition to SDM.As it helps us to know which child to put in which car. Keep that sign displayed from your rearview mirror until your child is loaded.

We understand how frustrating the first few days can be - please be patient and know that we are working to make it as smooth as possible.

Starting Monday August 30 all students will be release starting at 3:15.

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LPS School Board Meeting

Monday, Aug. 16th, 6pm

8100 Teel Parkway

Frisco, TX

LPS School Board Meeting at 6:00 PM on Monday, August 16, 2021:

During any public authorized board meeting, any member of the public is able to provide comment on any agenda item for that particular meeting before the board has discussion on that item. Individuals that wish to provide public comment will be provided access to speak, from a moderator, during the public comment portion of the meeting.


8100 Teel Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034

Here is the link to the Agenda:


Tears and Cheers (Kinder Parents Only)

Wednesday, Aug. 18th, 7:45pm

8500 Teel Parkway

Frisco, TX

Once kindergarten parents have kissed and hugged your student good-bye please join the PTO in the church cafe for some juice and refreshments.

Give Change To Make A Change

Tuesday, Aug. 17th, 4-6pm

4770 Eldorado Parkway

Frisco, TX

Generations Hope is a youth-led organization, founded by LPS high school Junior Lindsey Kopplow, that seeks to improve the lives of children living in multi-family communities local to Frisco. Our outreach team provides a safe environment for kids to hang out, enjoy a hot meal, and grow in their spirituality. We are also an important resource to families: providing weekly groceries to those in need, organizing gift drives for the holidays and back to school drives.

Please stop by the Credit Union of Texas -complimentary slices of Romeo's pizza will be provided to those making a donation.