Adams Newsletter

August 2018

Lunch Times and Lunch Policy


K 11:30-12:00

1st 11:00-11:30

2nd 11:50-12:20

3rd 12:30-1:00

4th 12:15-12:45

5th 12:45-1:15

Lunch Policy

Parents and special guests are welcome to have lunch with their students. Outside food may be brought in for you and your student only. Outside food may NOT be shared with other students. All visitors need to bring a picture ID and check in at the front office. We ask that you would eat with your student in the LGI Room across from the cafeteria. Students are not allowed to ask other students to join them.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • School Hours are from 8:50-3:50 M, T, TH, F and 8:50- 3:20 Wed
  • If your student is dropped off after the tardy bell you must walk your student into the front office, sign them in, and get a tardy pass
  • Students may only be dropped off in the back when a staff member is present.
  • All car rider must have a car rider # for pickup. (Please see our website for full car rider procedures. )

Infinite Campus

Existing Students

It is important that we have updated information on your returning FTCSC student, including health information, consent to treat if ill, emergency contact information, etc. Information may now be updated at home using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. We will no longer be sending paper packets for you to complete. Please log onto your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and follow the steps below:

  • Step One: Log in to the Infinite Campus parent portal
  • Step Two: Follow the instructions detailed here
  • Step Three: If there has been a change of address from the previous school year, enter the new address in the online application and provide required documents(proof of residency, immunizations, and birth certificate) to the front Office at Adams.

New Students

If you do not have your Infinite Campus PARENT portal login information, please e-mail from an e-mail account registered with the school. Please note, the request must come from the registered email address to verify identities.

A parent portal account must be set up to view grades.

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten Info Night-Tuesday, August 21, 2018

6:30-7:00 in kindergarten teachers' classrooms

We have scheduled our first field trip. We will visit Tuttle Orchards on Friday, October 5. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks. Mark your calendar if you are interested in being a chaperone, and YOU MUST have a completed and approved background check on file.

Please use the link below to complete the background check, It takes 3-5 days for backgrounds to clear.

A note from the Nurse

Welcome Back!

This is the second year the consent to care for the clinic and health conditions are part of the online registration for your student (all students- even returning students complete this online). I have to have your permission/consent to care completed prior to caring for your student in the clinic. If you have not completed the online registration for your returning student, PLEASE do so as soon as possible. Instructions for doing this are included in this newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to call and discuss (317)860-4289.

The medication policy states that students in elementary school are NOT allowed to carry medication to or from school. This means that parents need to bring the medication to school and sign the permission to administer in the clinic. Prescription medications need to have the prescription from the doctor still attached when medication is brought to school. If the medication needs to come home, an adult will need to come pick it up. If your student needs emergency medication at school for asthma, seizures, or food allergies, please be sure they are brought to school as soon as possible for their safety.

At the beginning of each year, I review all the health concerns forms that you submit to the clinic (this year by online registration). If your child has a medically diagnosed food allergy (or you suspect they need one diagnosed), seizure disorder, or asthma, we have an action plan that your doctor completes yearly so that we can take the best care of your student while at school. Please contact me if you need a copy of one of these forms for your child, or I can fax a copy to your doctor if preferred. If your child develops a health condition later in the year, please update me as needed.

I am also reviewing the immunization records for all students. If your student does not have a record showing he or she is up to date on immunizations, I will be contacting you. We will have an exclusion date this fall for students who do not meet the state mandated standards for compliance, so please make every effort to get this issue resolved now.

A review of guidelines for keeping your child home from school includes one or more of the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed body rash, severe coughing, eye discharge or redness, or fever of 100 degrees or more. Please do not send the child back to school until he/she has been fever-free (without fever-reducing medications) and with no vomiting/diarrhea for 24 hours. Antibiotics which have been prescribed for eye or throat infections must have been given for 24 hours before the student returns to school. This will help prevent the spread of infection to others. If any questions regarding these guidelines, please call me in clinic at 860-4289 or email at

If you have any questions or want to update me to anything in regards to your child's health needs at school, feel free to call or email. I'm looking forward to a great year of helping your child be well to learn. Thank you for trusting me with your child's care at school.

Mrs. Natalie Davis, RN


Textbook Fees

Parents: Book fees have been posted to student accounts. You may send in cash or check to the school or pay online with a credit card at

Book rental is due by Friday 8/10.

K - $119.27

1st - $146.01

2nd - $121.54

3rd - $132.28

4th - $133.55

5th - $128.66

Related Art News

This year the Related Arts Team will be choosing a Student of the Month from a specific grade level. At the end of the specific month each Related Arts Teacher will choose 1 student from that particular grade level as their Student of the Month. (1 for PE, 1 for Art, 1 for Library and 1 for Music) A picture will be taken including the student of the month, Ms. Greig and the Related Arts Teacher. This picture will be printed, laminated and hung outside of the Media Center on the Related Arts Bulletin Board.

August: Kindergarten

September: 1st Grade

October/November: 2nd Grade

December/January: 3rd Grade

February/March: 4th Grade

April: 5th Grade

Each Related Arts teacher will be looking for students that exemplify the three R's. (Respect, Responsibility, and Ready to Learn)

A note from Miss Roberts

Miss Roberts now has a Facebook page for Physical Education. Please search Adams Elementary Physical Education and like her page to receive important information about special events and things happening in PE.

A note from the Art Room

This week students who do not have an account set up yet on Artsonia received a parent take-home slip to set up their account. Please let Mrs. McQueen know if you need help setting up the account. We will be using Artsonia to write artistic statements this year so it's very important that students have access to their digital portfolios. Parents can download the free app and the information from the take-home slip to access their account or you can visit their user-friendly website. Also, share their artwork with friends and family by entering their email-it's an easy way to celebrate the creative work your child is doing!

Thank you!

Mrs. Cassandra McQueen

Visual Arts

Adams Elementary

Thank you!

Thank you to all our volunteers during our first week back to school! Thank you to all the staff that provided extra help in the cafeteria! We appreciate you!!
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