Quarter 1 Week 4

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Career and Educational Options

Assignment # 1-

1. Explain the job of a phlebotomist

2. Explain the job of a notational analyst

3. Why is their job so useful to coaches ?

4. How does finding the right career make such a huge difference in your life ?

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Health and Fitness Career Option

Assignment # 2 - (100 point assignment !!! And you have 2 week to complete )

As you begin to explore various career options you will conduct an INTERVIEW with someone in the fitness or health field that you find interesting

Your questions should include the following and anything else you think of ...

1. Why did you choose this career

2. What education/preparation is necessary

3. What is most rewarding to you

4. What is most challenging to you

5. Would you choose this career again .... why or why not ?

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Career search (web)

Assignment # 3-

Below are various fitness/ health careers ... do an internet search and write a 3 paragraph minimum essay about your choice ... include details about education necessary / pay and other factors you find interesting

Career Exploration

Assignment # 4-

Similar to your earlier career search .... complete the chart below

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Assignment # 5

Time to check what you've learned so far ... 100 points for completing thoroughly the 1.6.3 test - PE designed for ME listed below !!

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