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January 2020

Principal Zorea's Blog

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Kincaid Elementary is partnering with the Association of Alaska School Boards to conduct the School Climate and Connectedness Survey ©, a statewide survey for students, staff, and families. This survey measures their perceptions of each school’s climate including the engagement of students, staff, and families. The Student Survey will be given to students in grades 3-6 at Kincaid Elementary School during the week(s) of January 17-31 Students will complete the survey online at school.

The student survey will ask questions such as how students feel about school rules, their perceptions of how students treat each other, their relationships with staff, social and emotional skills, and observed risk behaviors of other students at school and school events. There are different surveys for younger students (grades 3-5) and older students (grades 6-12).

Family Survey: We also value input from our families. You are an important partner as we work to continually improve each school’s environment. Each parent/guardian is asked to complete one survey during January 20-March 31. If you have more than one child attending this school, you only need to fill out one survey. We will be sending a link to the survey to all families in an email. We will also post it to our facebook page once it is available.

All of these surveys are voluntary, anonymous, confidential, and do not ask questions about students’ families. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please notify the school in writing by January 15, 2020.

More information on this survey is available at ASD. Results from this survey will be used to identify student, staff and family perceptions of school climate issues within our school(s). School staff use the results to inform their efforts to ensure schools are safe, supportive, and caring places for all students. Thank you for your cooperation in this year’s School Climate and Connectedness Survey©.


Wendy Zorea


Kincaid Elementary School

Dates To Remember

January 20th- No School/Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 24th-Family Skate Night 6:30-8:30

January 28th-Screenagers showing for Parents

February 12th/13th-Half Days for students/ Parent-Teacher Conferences

February 14th- No school for students/ Teacher inservice Day

February 17th-No School Presidents day

February 21st- Spelling Bee 10am

February 24-28 STEAM Week

STEAM WEEK February 24-28

Our PTA is planning a wonderful week of science, technology, engineering, art and math events February 24-28. Look for more information to come soon!

Focus on Attendance

Starting this quarter our staff will be partnering with our PTA to recognize and celebrate positive school attendance. Incentives will be provided at the classroom level and top classes at each grade level will be recognized. All students who maintain a 90% school attendance rate will be entered into a drawing at the end of the quarter. A name from each grade level will be drawn. We know a missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. There is a direct correlation between students who attend regularly and higher academic levels. Plus, students who attend regularly have more opportunities to build positive relationships with their peers and the adults that work with them. The chart below shows that 82.59% are at school 90% of the time. The black line is our current year's line and we are trending back up again. That is good news! We hope all our students remain healthy to receive the best our school has to offer.
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Top Coyote: Nurse Christine

Congratulations to Nurse Christine Andrews! You were nominated by one of your colleagues to be recognized as our Top Coyote for the month of January! Thank you for your dedication to our students and for serving us for a second year at Kincaid Elementary School. Here is what one of your colleagues has to say about you!

"Christine's fun, yet calm, demeanor is a huge asset to our student population. She engages the students with a positive attitude, always has a happy face for students when they come in her door, and truly demonstrates an attitude of caring for some of our more challenging kiddos. Her medical expertise is so valued as she provides support for not only student needs, but staff as well." We appreciate you and are so glad you are our school nurse!

Nurse Notes

Winter Weather Alert

In order to keep your child safe and healthy at school, it is very important that students come to school dressed for outside recess every day. The outside temperature must be colder than -10 degrees before students stay inside! All those fingers, toes, ears, elbows, necks and knees need to stay warm and healthy.

Please include:

Warm Winter Coat

Boots and Socks

Snow Pants

Warm Gloves or Mittens

Hat, Earmuffs, Headband, or Hood

Face covering for those very cold days


What is it?

The term “upper respiratory infection” usually refers to a viral infection of the nose, throat, ears, and eyes and is commonly call a “cold”. Colds are very common and children may have 7-9 infections each year; many adults have an average of 4 each year.

Common Findings:

• Cough

• Sore or scratchy throat or tonsillitis

• Runny nose (clear, green, or yellow). Darker or greener discharge does not mean the child is more ill, contagious, or has a greater need for antibiotics.

• Sneezing • Watery eyes

• Headache

• Fever (usually mild)

• Earache


• For scratchy throats, gargle with warm salt water (1/2 tsp salt per cup of warm water).

• Drink more fluids (8 glasses per day of water, juice, soups, hot tang, etc.) • Rest when needed; try to sleep at least 10 hours at night because rest helps the body to heal.

• Use Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain or mild fever; aspirin should never be given to a child with a viral illness because of the possible complication of Reye’s syndrome.

• Use a humidifier in the bedroom while sleeping.

• Frequent, good handwashing reduces spread of the illness.

• Coughing and sneezing into fabric-covered sleeves or a clean tissue (that is then discarded).

• Sanitize surfaces that are frequently touched by hands (toys, tables, light switches, telephones, doorknobs, etc.)

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Personal Safety Lessons

Kincaid Elementary School will be teaching the 3rd Quarter Personal Safety lessons from February 10th through February 21st during Health classes. The age-appropriate lessons will be presented in a non-threatening way, along with the skills needed for self-protection. The lesson content is part of the Anchorage School District’s plan to enact the Alaska Safe Children’s Act and will be handled in a sensitive, respectful manner.

If you have any questions about the content of the program or if you wish to inquire about opting out, please contact our Elementary Health Specialist, April DuClos at

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to provide learning opportunities to improve the safety and well- being of our students.

Lessons for 3rd quarter are posted below.

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Visit our Schools

Come Visit Our School This February!

Community members, parents, and prospective parents are invited to visit any ASD school during the month of February to learn more about our community and public schools. While schools welcome members of the public year-round, this coordinated effort provides parents and community members an opportunity to learn more about the many educational opportunities available.

The safety of our students will always remain our top priority. All people on tours will be checked in through normal procedures that visitors follow. Principals or their designee will lead the tours and tour groups will never be left unsupervised. Students will continue classroom activities and the tours will not interfere with student learning. Learn more about Visit Our Schools Month at

Kincaid Elementary School

Kincaid Elementary is a neighborhood K-6 school. We prepare our students with strong academic foundations while promoting an environment based on respect and responsibility. Our school community emphasizes good citizenship and responsible social conduct. We celebrate our unique diversity and embrace the gifts and talents of all students.

Our school helps students succeed through quality staff, parent involvement and community partnerships.

School Business Partners

Anchorage School Board

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