George Washington

Why is he important?

George Washington is often called "the father of his country" for his crucial role in fighting for, creating and leading the United States of America in its earliest days. Washington was a surveyor, farmer and soldier who rose to command the Colonial forces in the Revolutionary War." Martha Washington was the wife of George Washington but they nevee had any kids . But Martha Washington brought her 2 children from her previous marriage.


Friday, Feb. 22nd 1732 at 9pm

Westmoreland, Virginia, United States


Some of the Accomplishments

- George Washington was appointed as the lieutenant colonel for the mission to Fort Duquesne against the French.

-During the Monongahela expedition of 1755, Washington showed great valor and emerged as the Hero of Monongahela

- n 1774, Washington was the chairperson of the meeting where Fairfax Resolves were adopted. He also got the opportunity to attended .