what can you do about cyber bulling

fight or flight

what bulling can do to you

Why do think millions of kids have suicidal thoughts and actions. Because of what happens at school. What happens at school you cant stop the only people that can tell you whats wrong is your kids.They are the only one that can save theme self's.So every day if that's what it takes ask someone whats wrong why they feel bad and how you can help.

stop cyber bulling

the only thing that parents can really do is ask there kids what is wrong ask thyme if there is something wrong at school .that's practically all people can do to safe there kids.

where you can contact me

  1. i am a student at your school. mt name is JV and i am in seventh grade. you can find me by email. i will get back to you soon as possible. thank you and AND STOP CYBER BULLING.
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