The History of Bergen-Belson

By: Andrew Nicks

What's the backround of Bergen-Belson

Bergen-Belson, the fist major camp to be liberated, was being recieved a lot of press coverage, and that was the point when the world finally opened their eyes to see how terrible the minds of Nazis. Every day the concentration camps were open, about 500 prisoners died of typhus, and starvation. That would mean that Harwood Jr High would have a population of zero in just two days.To put it a bigger perspective, more than 35,000 people died overwork, disease, brutality, and medical experiments. The worst part was that the deaths were so great in numbers, they had to use bulldozers to carry the dead bodies to the large graves.

Author: Encyclopaedia Judaica

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Inside Bergen-Belson

Bergen-Belson was a complex place that was consisted of numerous camps, created at different times since it was first founded. There were three main components of the camp. The POW camp(Prisoners Of War), and the prisoners camp. For every 400 people in one hut, there was also only one toilet. There were more out on the field but no one had the capability of walking out there. I'm not sure how they settle on who goes first, but it was still inhuman for 400 people to use the same dirty toilet. In 1945, Nazi Officials went to the Britain Officers with a white flag to discuss that Bergen-Belson has a widespread disease of typhus. They said that Bergen-Belson should be a boundary line, so it doesn't spread. But British Officials denied and instead drove their common day tanks into the camp and Arrested Kramer. When Commandant Josef Kramer was arrested by British liberators, I think that is when the world opened their eyes for the first time.

Bergen-Belson after liberation

Still to this day, you can visit this camp, which seems to be a peaceful and quiet place,although of the history. Many say the peace allows you to think deeper of what happened on that spot nearly 70 years ago. However, to many of the surviving prisoners, they will never set foot near or in the camp where they were tortured. Many prisoners left with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and aren't in their right minds. After researching this, I realized how easily the world can turn from good to bad, just by one person. I still cant believe that over 20,000 people could die in a camp, started by one person, or how millions of Jewish people could die because of a few people.

Author: Jack Hazut

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