Lucky and Luna The Dogs

Age In Months vs Weight In Pounds


Independent Variable: Dog's Age (in months) - on x-axis

Dependent Variable: Dog's Weight (in pounds) - on y-axis

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Lucky The Dog



Luna The Dog



Point Of Intersection

(y= x+2) - (y= 5/4x+1)

0=-x/4 + 1

x/4 = 1

x = 4 x 1

x= 4

Therefore, y= x+2

y = 4+2

y = 6

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Explanation of the significance of the solution of this linear system

In this linear system, you can see that in the beginning (up till 4 months) Lucky weighed more than Luna (2>1). When you reach the P.O.I (4,6) both dogs were 4 months old and weighed 6 pounds. However, after passing the P.O.I, (after 4 months), Luna began to gain more weight than Lucky and soon, she weighed much more. Therefore, Lucky began with an higher weight and as time went on Luna passed Lucky's weight and gained much more weight than Lucky. This means that Lucky gains less weight than Luna in a period of time.

Summary Statement:

Lucky the Dog and Luna the Dog will both weigh 6 pounds when they are 4 months old.

By: Eeshita Nalawade